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Indicator 5.1 View criteria

Issue: Environmental issues within the supply chain

Indicator: Corporate commitment to addressing conservation issues within the supply chain

No additional or supplementary information was provided

Indicator 5.2 View criteria

Issue: Environmental issues within the supply chain

Indicator: Producer suppliers with retailer-supported farm environment audits and/or plans

UK producers are required to be signed up to Farm Assured standards. The company reports that almost all international suppliers conform to EUREP GAP standards, and the remainder will conform by early 2004.


Indicator 5.3 View criteria

Issue: sustainable fisheries

Indicator chosen: Wild and farmed fish from sustainable sources

Somerfield reported that it has a policy for sourcing fish from sustainable fisheries and ensuring that sold fish is from legal sources, but no additional information or supplementary info was provided.

Overall commentary and examples of good practice

Somerfield has taken the decision, at least in the short term, to rely on baseline standards such as Assured Produce and EUREP GAP rather than introducing additional environmental standards within the supply chain such as LEAF.

Areas for improvement


Supermarket comments

Given the large number of suppliers within our supply chain, we feel that the best way forward is to rely on farm assurance schemes. We will work within those schemes to champion improvements including more sustainable practices. The benefits of independent inspection within farm assurance schemes means that any improvements will be delivered on all farms.


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