Indicator 5.1

Issue: Environmental issues within the supply chain

Indicator: Corporate commitment to addressing nature conservation issues within the food supply chain

A measure of the retailer’s commitment towards environmental issues is the raising of buyers’ awareness of the issues facing the environment in relation to food production, which can encourage better delivery of the retailer’s own corporate environmental aspirations, improve relations with primary produce suppliers and contribute towards environmental delivery on the ground.

In addition, this indicator also considers the issue of Genetically Modified (GM) crops. There are serious concerns that growing of GM crops could be damaging to wildlife. At the present time, there is a moratorium on the commercial growing of GM crops in the UK, whilst the Government considers the results of the farm-scale trials published in Autumn 2003. The potential environmental impacts of growing GM crops (either in the UK or elsewhere) is a significant issue for some consumers.

This indicator is measured by asking retailers:

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