Waitrose results - Introduction

Engagement with RTTT

Waitrose has not engaged with Race to the Top, neither participating in the development of methods, the pilot year (2002) nor full data collection in 2003.

Company overview

Owned by the John Lewis Partnership since 1937, Waitrose employs over 27,000 ‘partners’ — the company is employee-owned. The 140 stores aim “to combine the convenience of a supermarket with the expertise and service of a specialist shop”. Waitrose has a 4% market share of food retail. 75% of its 300 stores are in London and the Southeast. Around 65% of sales are to ABC1 social classes.

2003 results: overview

No data were submitted.

A store shelf survey of local and locality foods stocked by retailers was conducted by Sustain and the NFWI; results for Waitrose can be found here.

Comments from Waitrose

No comments were provided.

top Posted: 26-Nov-2003

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