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Issue: Corporate commitment to environmental responsibility and performance

Indicator: Board-level responsibility, training and reporting

Within the CSR section on the website there is evidence of a growing commitment to improve performance in all aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility. Somerfield has a Corporate Responsibility Group chaired by the Company Secretary who will develop and report on a CSR policy. It is not known whether training and development with an environmental component takes place within Somerfield at any level.

There is currently no CSR or Environmental report, but there are dedicated sections of the annual report and on the website for these areas. As the CSR area grows over time within Somerfield it would be important to report back on these issues.


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Issue: Climate change

Indicator: Energy use and emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2)

Indicator: Energy Use and Emissions of Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Somerfield has set targets for reduced energy consumption, but these are not widely documented. By continuing investing in improvements to existing cooling equipment will mean they remain on track to meet their current target. Within the driving fleet they are incentivising drivers to choose less-polluting cars. During the year they reduced fuel consumption by 2% and cut CO2 emissions by 1313 tonnes.

Going forward, Somerfield can improve their scores by using the DEFRA Guidelines on company reporting on greenhouse Gas Emissions and achieving the manageable targets that they have set.

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Issue: Waste

Indicator: Waste management and minimisation

Without sufficient data it is not known if Somerfield sets targets for waste minimisation. The cost of waste to landfill is particularly high. No stores are currently operating a composting scheme or food recovery initiatives, but setting manageable targets to reduce waste sent to landfill will undoubtedly take priority in the future.

Somerfield stores have replaced conventional plastic bags with degradable ones – the first supermarket bags to be supported by the Soil Association.


Overall commentary and examples of good practice

There was very little data to go on whilst scoring the module, but looking into the website it is clear that there is an awareness of the need for a stronger commitment towards the Environment. Somerfield maintains that although their environmental performance is steadily improving, they do recognise that they still have much more to do.

Examples of best practice

Areas for improvement

Supermarket comments

Somerfield recovers cardboard and waste plastic from stores. We have trialled charity collection schemes for surplus foods but they have not been successful. We have now started on a more structured approach to the environment with the help of consultants.


Posted: 26-Nov-2003

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