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Download the 2003 Questionnaire [pdf, 300kB]

This section of the website contains briefing papers which describe each of the seven modules of the Race to the Top project:

The papers appear as html and as downloadable Word and Portable Document Format (pdf) versions. [A free Word viewer (Windows only) is available from Microsoft if you don't have a copy of Word; Adobe Reader is available for most platforms.] Each paper seeks to identify the key issues within the module, and what actions UK supermarkets can take on these issues. There are many other issues which could be included within each module, but those identified are considered by the Race to the Top alliance of organisations to be highly significant representative issues on which retailers can act. Each of the issues is accompanied by an indicator that will be used to track positive supermarket action. It is hoped that these indicators will help to track supermarket progress towards a fairer and greener food system, and that they will provide a basis for discussion on how further progress towards this goal can be achieved. The indicators may change as the project progresses.

The papers are position papers designed to present the case for increased scrutiny and benchmarking of supermarkets' environmental policies and performance, and to present methodologies for how that benchmarking may be carried out. Each is written by the coordinator of the relevant module and does not necessarily represent the views of members of the alliance of organisations involved in the Race to the Top project, or the project's Advisory Group. The papers mention the activities of various companies. These examples do not necessarily imply participation by those companies in Race to the Top. They are working documents which are being regularly updated.

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